5 things i like in Milan

A  friend asked me to point out five things that I like in Milan. Is not a easy  choice you know ? it’s not easy because I like so many things in my city ..

I admit , I am a true lover of Milan since long time ago  even when many people didn’t understand it’s real soul, now  behaviors are  changing and the  attitude  towards Milan city is  different , we can risk and declare that people start loving Milan.

But let’s start to give a look at my list :

1 ) I LIKE MILAN for the risotto alla milanese or yellow rice but also the kebab and  Luini ‘s panzerotti


If I have to choose , i will not choose the usual aperitivo but   I elect my favorite foods : the legendary kebab, the risotto and panzerotto. Kebab in Milan are really good  , my favorites kebab points are in Baggio and in circonvallazione esterna near  Piazza Napoli but in the city if they are so many. Surely ff you’re downtown  at lunch time you must try the delicious Luini panzerotto, a shorts fried stuffed with melted mozzarella and tomato.Unfortunately there is always a lot of line but worth it !!! After a a busy work week here is a dish that needs time to be cooked but also of calm to be tasted , the traditional risotto alla milanese or yellow rice. Really I find it delicious, if you cook well of course! The texture is somewhat creamy because of the starch in the grain of rice but will have to remain a bit  crunchy … Then I will write my personal recipe , I promise.
2 ) I LIKE MILAN for the Navigli : By day, by night the Navigli are always beautiful ! If you are looking for  a bit of nightlife  in the evening , Navigli are the right place . Instead if you want to enjoy them with peace of mind it is better to go there on a sunday morning or afternoon a week.

Navigli by Virginia Fiume

Navigli by Virginia Fiume

There are magnificent views and if you happen during spring time or summer  you can go also for a a boat trip on the water.. you will come back at a time when the city was all navigable . The tour starts from the shortest Naviglio Grande , and particularly in Alzaia  Naviglio Grande 4 . There are  different water routes . If you prefer you can also ride the bike and take the road that starts from the magnificent Church of St. Christopher on the Naviglio if you are fit and able to get  Corsico and Trezzano .
Do not miss always on the Navigli , the last Sunday of the month, the antiques market .


3 ) I LIKE MILAN because there is always something to do .

Since my life has changed because I got a baby  we stay very often at Milan on the weekend and there is always something to do .. The Triennale is my favorite museum , and I recently rediscovered the civic collections of Castello Sforzesco . I would like one time to go back on the terraces of the Duomo , our beautiful cathedral that when you exit the subway gets into your heart .

If it rains it’s the moment to discover our museums , usually i go to the exhibitions of the Palazzo Reale .

Sometimes i go for a simple ride to Feltrinelli bookshop where there is nice babycorner with cutes games and smalls books or also  another idea is visit MUBA Children’s Museum recently opened at the Rotonda della Besana ( attention only for children from 2 years to 11 years). It’s not a normal museum but is’ a children museum and there are various workshop on different themes, the current workshop is on boxes every type of box..

Duomo by alice

Duomo by alice

4) I LIKE MILAN for its universities , beautiful not only to study but also to walk in the magnificent cloisters of the Catholic University and of the State University . But did you know that the buildings of the State University in via festa del perdono have been built , in 1456 at the behest of Francesco Sforza, the first public hospital called Cà Granda ? I have recently discovered . A walk is a must, be careful because not cloisters are not open every Saturday morning .

Cà granda by alice a.

Cà granda by alice a.

5 ) I LIKE MILAN because there  are beautiful shops , I like the neighborhood stores and when I can I walk around looking in the windows shops .. In particular I love the windows of shoes, clothes as well as books ! I ‘am not necessarily interested in buying it just to look around .. My favorite neighborhood is Corso VercelliVia Marghera ( Buonarotti Metro ) and then Piazza Piemonte with the Feltrinelli bookshop where they organize debates and meetings on music and more. If you are in the down town there are also very interesting shops in  Corso Buenos Aires and Via Torino.

Here I do not know if I was able to identify the five things that I like most  in Milan. Please forgive me if I missed something .. of course I cheated by including in more things !  because  I LOVE MILAN 🙂

and you what you like about Milan? let me know your definitely five  things list …:)


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