Travelling with babies..


on the road.

We left Milan for a short break holiday tour: Rome and then Argentario. Our smiling toddler Agata is almost 15 months, the only must-have for her is a big bottle of milk when she wakes up in the morning. This little creature that until recently was fed on milk now she devours  pasta alla norma, ravioli, ricotta, steamed fish, potatoes ..obviously all chopped up ..
After these important premises I will try to tell you our journey omitting family stories but trying to share our experiences to help those who are traveling with children.
On the road again..
– Time to play Before leaving, let them move, or play a little bit. We had plan to leave at9.00. We all woke up at 7.40, I prepared her bottle of milk and then she played until 8.30 when we were ready to go.
– Planning : Planning in advance it’s a rule when you normally travels that becomes a must when you are traveling with children . It’s preferable to estimate at least 30 minutes .The children require at least a half an hour longer … for the last diaper of course, but also to make up your mind and last check .-Toys and change bags at your disposal: It’s important to prepare two bags, one containing toys for the travel, and another bag containing all the necessary for baby change (wipes, diapers). When you load the car be careful to keep the bags close to you and baby traveler. Details, but there are life-changing.
-Two pacifiers are better than one! if your heir is a pacifier user, I recommend to bring one more! I remember a trip back from Tuscany with our newborn 40 days old screaming behind us !! we didn’t realize but at the service area the pacifier had fallen .. since then we decided that the two pacifiers are better than one!
You can sleep, you can play, you can eat and also sing!
Here we started, the first half hour was quiet. Agata looked out the window the Lombardy countryside, before chatting with us then talked with her teddy finally begun snoozing. In fact the young lady collapsed, but after an hour and a half she was awake and she was quite thirsty and dazed but still in very good mood.If you are traveling in summer time is a must to always have at your disposal fresh water. Between water and juices water is better.
And when you wake up? Which are the best travel toys ?
This time we took soft small books, soft rubber animals and little music instruments. The type of game obviously depends on the age of the child. Perfect toys for travel are coloring books (with pencils if you do not want to paint the whole car). Also songs and fairies tales are very good ideas when you travel. My daughter is still too young for fairy tales but she likes songs and when she listens to music she starts clapping her hands !
Lunch: it’s better not change the schedules, even though we’re traveling. Our little daughter is used to eat between 12-12, 30. So near Florence we stopped to autogrill Cisa Chef Express. It was the right time. Besides, if you stop at this hour soon it’s not crowdy. This service area is worth to mention it because it is new, well equipped and the self-service there are also high chairs for toddlers.
After lunch, and a small expresso ( for us not for the baby) we had to going on with our travel and this was the hardest time! Systematically only after half an hour we were travelling ,we must stop for another diaper change! After this last stop finally our little devil started sleeping but it was just half an hour before arriving at Rome and took the exit to Grandma’s house! Typical
Summarizing our schedule : departure time at 9.00 am from Milan, arrival at 15.00 in Rome with almost an hour lunch break near Florence. Positive mood of parents and baby calm.
Obviously, this is our experience , surely the toys and eating habits change depending on age ..
Agata first travel was when she was one month older and since then we have never stopped. Travelling with children is not hard, you have just to be very well organized and you must anticipate their needs.

I think that the most important elements for babies travelers are the rituals, let me explain better .Whether you are traveling by car or by plane if you let them playing ,if you have lunch always at the same time, bring their favorite toys and create good conditions for a good nap ..These are the basic and you can be sure that everything will be fine!
Although not everything can be fine, however travelling with children is always fun !
And you’re ready to go? where are you going this summer?



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