Exploring walking in Porta Nuova new district..

A walk near Porta Nuova Garibaldi district is really striking to realize how Milan is being changed. The new urbanization project including the three districts Garibaldi Isola Varesine is really changing the Milan city aspect and not only the skyline! So I decided to explore and take photos of the new buildings. When I find myself in front of a yard I typically begin to fantasize and think about what it will be built .. a hotel, a park, a school, a swimming pool .. unfortunately often are private homes, hotels and shops rarely new schools, libraries and sports facilities. In this case, the area in question certainly become a new residential district, there is a  new and spectacular square where stands the  Unicredit tower , nearby there is a green area and above a panoramic walkway connected by streets and bridges . My exploring tour started from Palazzo della Regione Lombardia. ( Gioia stop -Metro green line )


The Palazzo della regione is the new headquarter of Regione Lombardia, is a  spectacular skyscraper, 160 meters high. It was completed in 2010 . Aesthetically it does not look much different from other skyscrapers in other cities, the striking feature is the covered square inside. (What you see in the picture with all the flags), is  very useful, because it offers shelter to the bike racks, there are also several coffe and shop and a nursery .. a kind of square.

20140624_114350       20140624_114408

At the top was placed a copy of the Madonna statue from Duomo. In Milan traditionally when the building is higher than the Duomo you must put a statue similar to Madonna statue above the Duomo!

On the upper floors they organized guided tours of the skyscraper, it would be wonderful to be able to climb once!
I cross the street and I go into a beautiful garden where little red roses grow and in the background stand the Porta Nuova beautiful skyscrapers. Nice contrast the height of new grey buildings with small plants of the secret garden. I decide to go in. Nothing has been planned and it’s just a discover.. moreover this is the spirit of this blog ..travel adventure near home! In a few seconds I understand is a beautiful garden, but not secret .. manicured lawns, a path of stones, hedges and rose gardens and a historical building. The building is the headquarters of the Foundation Riccardo Catella.


They kept this historic building within a project so innovative and conceive of it as a space of conviviality and meeting with the restaurant, an exhibition space, a bowling club and a new children’s play area. New and old meet: a far-sighted decision .

Outside the garden of Fondazione Catella i found myself  right near the Boeri  Bosco verticale which recently was selected by an international Jury for the prestigious international architecture award Highrise Award 2014.

20140624_115942         20140624_120432

The Bosco verticale is really impressive, trees are like suspended. I believe there is a special watering system independent from housing. Who knows how much water will be used? They will certainly designed an eco-system for harvesting rainwater .. I will always be a thousand questions in the face of such innovative projects. Plants seem one with the building, the skyscraper seems to breathe .. like a giant tree or nest .. 🙂
I take a path that lead me finally in Gae Aulenti sqaure. Here I am finally to look at the site, particularly the part that has yet to be completed …

20140624_120104   20140624_115836
The square is already opened and is very much alive, there are several resto, shops ,offices, including Unicredit headquarters in the highest skyscraper. While I head to Corso Como I get lost in my thoughts .. it is amazing to think as through the talent and genius of man will be realized projects that change the lives of people and city. Part of the city sheds its skin and history, and this is a typical features characterizes Milan .. here there is no fear of change. Several urbanists, sociologists ,anthropologists predicted in the next 20 years that the world’s population will leave in the cities leaving countryside. We will know that they call the regiona lcities..so current cities must change, city have to become smart . Planners therefore always speak of smart city, that are characterized by shared public spaces, a wide range of transport fast capillary , a compatible use of resources with great attention to lighting and heating, and especially the application of new technologies to share and offer services to the community. Have you ever visited a smart city? For now I’am sure that Porta Nuova district looks quite smart! P,s I ‘ll come back when the project is completed to tell you if the area is really smart

How to reach the district

You can reach Piazza Gaeu Aulenti, the Bosco verticale and the Foundation Riccardo Catella by  lilla and green lines stop Garibaldi or Gioia Metro.

How to reach the Garden fondazione Riccardo Catella

The garden can be accessed both from an entrance in Via De Castillia, 28 and one in Largo de Benedetti, adjacent to Via Melchiorre Gioia.

The garden is open to the public:

from 08:00 to 20:00 from April to September

from 09:00 to 18:00 from October to March



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