Hidden beauty of Milan

20140708_100107 modIn Milan there so many hidden beauties.. Have you ever walked in the city center and a lovely garden just appeared but you were so in hurry that you didn’t stop to admire it? This happened to me several times so I decide to take afternoon break and ride around city searching for the hidden beauty. Behind every old building there are always design windows, wonderful ancient doors.When I travel I used to take pictures of little details as small gates, the doors of the houses, old windows, shutters, fountains, decorative elements that enrich the buildings. The names of the streets speak and tell us about the history of the city .. so even the doors, gates and windows have something to show us .. if we listen to them. In particular Milan has a hidden beauty that needs to be discovered and revealed .

  parco smepione mod foro bonaparte mod
While discussing with an old friend about real Milan identity , we agreed that several centuries of foreign dominations ( the french, the spanish and the austrians) have so impacted on Milan attitude that the Milan people are more used  to enjoy beauty in their homes and in their backyards rather than to show outside. We define it the so called ” sobriety”.

Here you’ll find some shots that I took during my urban riding, I stopped on purpose when I saw a intriguing detail that struck me .. For each photo there is a small caption. I hope you will enjoy!

Old window in Corso di Porta Vercellina , perhaps belong to an old mechanics workshop.

corso porta vercellina mod   20140708_114256 mod

We can  find a beautiful design window near  an old mechanic workshop closed for years.. not necessarily in the city center .
Maybe some superintendent understanding that if you are just curious and you do not have the slightest intention of robbing the apartments will let you go in ..this luckily happened to me .. and so i find yourself in a beautiful courtyard of an Ancient palace. .

So I guess one  this could be the gate of  Cinderella Palace with climbing roses .. very romantic, isn’ it?

20140708_114239 mod     20140708_113813 mod


via tivoli mod

Tivoli street

In via Tivoli, near the Metro Lanza I saw his magnificent iron gate combined with wooden door and I tried to guess what’s inside .. a design shop, a representative office, a private manor.
I found just beautiful the entrance of Palazzo Bovara . It looks like the gate to get into a secret garden ..

palazzo bovara mod

Palazzo Bovara decorated gate

I think this summer I ‘ll read again the book The secret garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
And you have you never seen in everyday life or during a travel some beautiful details ?  Where are hidden beatuties in Milan?Today let me know your hidden beauties..


5 thoughts on “Hidden beauty of Milan

  1. Mi capita spesso anche qui a Como di scoprire angoli bellissimi, inaspettati, i quali ti lasciano sorpresi per la loro semplice bellezza!


    • Como è una splendida città che offre scorci insoliti e luoghi affascinanti..non la conosco tantissimo ma forse presto durante la pausa estiva il mio viaggio passerà per la città di S.Abbondio..


  2. Hi Alice, you have a lovely blog. I was happy to find someone else who writes in both English and Italian 🙂 I also live in Milan, and I agree – there are so many hidden treasures here. Sometimes I walk by the same place a hundred times before I even notice an amazing piece of art or architecture.


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